Windy Miller Foundation



The Windy Miller foundation aims to produce, write and realize documentaries and other film and television productions - particularly films on craftsmanship and films aimed to conserve cultural heritage, as well as initiate and teach workshops and other forms of education in this area. 


The foundation has an independent board, with the following members:


Director: Barbara Teulings, leather worker

Secretary: Nadia Abdelkaui, curator Museum Het Schip and Centraal Museum Utrecht

Treasurer: Caroline van Maarseveen, owner CijferCombinatie

The name of the foundation was taken from a British clay animation series, from the 1960s, in which the character of miller Windy Miller is present: 

Just outside the village lives Jonathan Bell, owner of a "modern mechanical farm", who has a friendly rivalry with Windy Miller, owner of a clanking old windmill and a firm believer in old-fashioned farming methods. 


Hence the name is a metaphor for the aim of the foundation: to document craftsmanship and conserve cultural heritage.


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