Documentary film De Huisman restoration

A region of windmills. An active association of enthusiasts. Young, passionate craftsmen. This film documents the complete restoration of one of the Zaanse Schans’ finest windmills: ‘De Huisman’, famous for its mustard, which was produced here for many years. From ducklings in the spring, through the heat of summer to the winter snow, this documentary follows the construction process for over a year and a half. We look over the shoulders of the carpenters as they hammer and saw. Technical challenges and differences of opinion between the involved parties unfold. The whole process has resulted in a unique documentary that pays homage to traditional craftsmanship.


De Huisman is a spice mill from the 18th century, built in Zaandam, the Netherlands. In 1955 the mill was transferred to the Zaanse Schans, and currently it is one of the most frequently photographed windmills in the Netherlands. It is famous for the production of Zaanse mosterd which is a tasty mustard, sold throughout the Netherlands. Year by year thousands of tourists travel to the famous Zaanse Schans to visit the windmills and typical green wooden houses. 


De Zaansche Molen association took the initiative for a complete and necessary restoration of the windmill. 


This restoration was performed by Bart Nieuwenhuijs and his team of specialists in 17th and 18th century Zaanse wooden buildings.


Wendy van Wilgenburg decided to document this restoration, which took more than a year and a half, in order to make a feature length documentary film focusing on craftsmanship, insight, and discussions on authenticity.

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